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August 19, 2010 Guy Stuff

‘Norman Tugwater’ Vitaminwater Commericals With Gary Busey, Adrian Peterson, Kobe Bryant, and Shaq


Gary Busey aka Norman Tugwater is the perfect guy to head Tugwater Associates, a fictional law firm specializing in defending professional athletes as it pertains to fantasy sports. For those that are scratching their heads while reading this, let me explain. Gary is the guy you love to hate or hate to love depending on whether you like Gary from movies such as DC Cab or Gary as seen on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab. Regardless of which Gary you like, Mr. Tugwater is now representing football player Adrian Peterson for all fantasy football matters.

In a new series of commercials, Tugwater and Peterson work their fantasy football magic. In a not so surprising move, Tugwater launches a tirade against fantasy team owners, demanding compensation for Peterson’s fantasy football rights while Shaquille O’neal, America Olivio and Kobe Bryant weigh in.


For more information make sure to check out and follow @normantugwater on Twitter.

Vitaminwater’s “Time to Collect” with Adrian Peterson, Gary Busey and Shaq

Vitaminwater’s “Time to Collect” – Kobe Bryant’s Testimonial Video


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