4 Things Not To Do On A First Date

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November 16, 2011 Advice

How To Handle 4 Awkward Date Moments

Awkward Dating Moments

Dating can be awkward. Do you know how to avoid those awkward moments on a date? For the MAN that has a hard time figuring it out, we put together a few scenarios along with some helpful tips.

Scenario 1: On a dinner date, you’re both chowing down when you notice there’s something stuck in her teeth.

What to do: This can be awkward but gently point it out, don’t worry about embarrassing her. There’s nothing worse than going through an entire dinner and ending the date only to find out you had something stuck in your teeth. As a woman, hell as a person, you’re going to wonder what kind of chicken shit your date must be to not say something about it.

Scenario 2: She comes back to the table after spending 10 minutes in the bathroom.

What to do: There could be a ton of reasons why she it took forever. There could have been a line, maybe that appetizer you insisted she try didn’t sit right with her. Either way say nothing.

Scenario 3: She mentions her last relationship was as a disaster

What to do: Show some interest, even if the last thing you want to do is hear about a bad break up. If you just say “That sounds awful,” she’ll appreciate that you empathize with her. Don’t worry, most women know not to rattle on about exes. The night won’t be ruined.

Scenario 4: You both know she makes way more money than you… and the bill arrives.

What to do: Pick up the bill. It’s important to treat a woman to a good time on a first date. So make the move and pick up the tab.


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