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Arizona Cardinals Phoenix Suns

July 4, 2014 offbeat, sports

NFL Logos X NBA Logos

Arizona Cardinals Phoenix Suns
Arizona Cardinals X Phoenix Suns

We often wonder how teams come up with their names and logos. Graphic Designer Brandon Hubschman took his imagination a step further and embarked on the challenge of combining all 32 NFL logos with NBA logos. He paired each NFL team with its most applicable NBA team, with respect to their location, as well as team linage. The results surprisingly have an effortless appearance.

Below are 10 of our favorite mergers. Let us know which team logo you like the most. To see all the icon designed logos make sure to take the jump over to Brandon Hubschman’s page. He also redesigned some NFL logos as really cool corporate companies.

Houston Texans X Houston Rockets
Houston Texans Houston Rockets

San Diego Chargers X Los Angeles Clippers
San Diego Chargers Los Angeles Clippers

Carolina Panthers X Charlotte Hornets
Carolina Panthers Charlotte Hornets

New York Jets X Brooklyn Nets
New York Jets Brooklyn Nets

Miami Dolphins X Miami Heat
Miami Dolphins Miami Heat

New York Giants X New York Knicks
New York Giants New York Knicks

Philadelphia Eagles X Philadelphia 76ers
Philadelphia Eagles Philadelphia 76ers

Chicago Bears X Chicago Bulls
Chicago Bears Chicago Bulls

Green Bay Packers X Milwaukee Bucks
Green Bay Packers Milwaukee Bucks

New England Patriots X Boston Celtics
New England Patriots Boston Celtics


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