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December 2, 2011 Advice

4 Masculine Things Guys Do That Girls Secretly Hate

Men Play Fighting

Can a man be too masculine? For the sake of all MANKIND we hope not. However, there are many bad masculine “activities” that guys indulge in that women think are absolutely ridiculous including:

4. Fake Fighting /Wrestling
When you’re rolling around on the ground “wrestling” with you’re friends you don’t look masculine, you look childish. Also fake fist fighting with your boys isn’t fun for ladies either, it just looks like violence to us.

3. Being Money Hungry
Women like men who are ambitious and successful. However, most women would say they’re turned off by guys who are money hungry. If sentences like: “I’m married to money/my job/ my hustle,” are in your daily rotation, just know it’s not hot to us.

2. Super Silent Sexy Time
Being stoic in bed is weird. Keep in mind that communication is important to women, even during, maybe especially during sex. You like chicks to make noise, then by all means return the favor! If you’re doing your business and not making a sound, you run the risk of coming off psychopath scary.

1. Posing While You Stand
Standing with your shoulders wide and chest stuck out, guido style trying too hard. I know some random study showed that guys can’t help but change their posture when a hot girl comes around. Just be sure you’re not overdoing it. There’s nothing worse than a dude trying to look like a bigger dude. Relax.


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