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June 23, 2015 Grooming

Manscaping 101: 5 Tips To Being A Smooth Operator

Let’s talk about the elephant (or, in this case, the bear) in the room, boys: Too much body hair isn’t manly–for most girls it’s a huge turn off. Thankfully we live in an age where man can evolve way past the Pomeranian in our bags. Manscaping is as essential for you as our daily Starbucks iced, skinny soy latte with caramel fix. But, before you reach for our Nair bottles, follow these rules for manscaping that are sure to make your girl want to touch you all over!

1. Before you start
Make sure the hair you want to shave is damp. Hop in the shower and lather up like you normally would and then you’re ready to start. If you shave before your hair and skin has had a chance to get moist, you’re going to turn into a red-skinned, bloody mess.

2. Your instrument
The best shave comes from picking the best blade. Try a simple, single blade, or, if you’re man enough, pick out one of the ones we use on our legs–just don’t use ours without telling us!

3. Where and how much
The truth is girls hate back and shoulder hair, they don’t like chest or private area hair, and they don’t mind leg, arm and a little armpit hair. Only you can decide what to trim, remove or leave alone.

4. Right after
Just like you shave your face, you can’t just leave a newly shaved area alone afterwards and expect everything to work out. Your best bet is a light moisturizer or balm to calm your skin after the process. From there, a spritz of aftershave goes a long way–and, yes, even there!

5. Maintenance
Welcome to the world of always shaving. After you’ve shaved once, you have to keep at it! Aim to shave every three days and you’ll be ready for some soft touches all year round!

Photo via Instagram/@keeptickin


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