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Automatic App

December 14, 2015 Gadgets, Travel

Automatic App: The Driver’s Best Friend

Decode engine problems like a pro, locate your parked car, improve your driving with real-time feedback, set custom low-fuel warnings, and more with the Automatic App. For less than one hundred bucks, the app can be yours, and you’re sure to appreciate its great value to your life. If you’re driving a ’96 or newer automobile you definitely need to get this app sooner rather than later. This one easy to use app can do a lot for you. Here’s why we love it:

Low Fuel Warning: Nothing is worse than running out of gas on the side of the highway. That is a thing of the past with this app on your side.

Web Dashboard: Calculate mileage, distance and best routes using this totally awesome web dashboard.

Crash Response: If you are ever in an accident, there is someone there for you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Car Locator: Admit it, how many times have you lost your car in the parking lot? Okay, even if you won’t admit it, you know that you have. Now with Automatic App, you’ll always find your car and you’ll never have to admit your secret to any of the boys!

Safer Driver: An automated response system alerts you when you might want to ease up on the gas pedal a bit–with this system you can get their safer and save some fuel along the way.

Check Engine Light Responder: What is wrong with your car? Even if you’re not a mechanic you won’t do a lot of guessing any longer. The check engine light responder provides an automatic diagnosis of your problem, as well as advice and tops on what to do next to remedy that problem quickly.

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To use the Automatic App, you will first need to buy the adaptor. This adaptor plugs into your car with a snap. Once plugged in, you can download the free app and enjoy unlimited access of all of the features listed above and a whole lot more. It is easy to use, state of the art, and the app that keeps you safely getting where you are going. Get it now.


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