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February 23, 2016 Grooming

Marley Natural “Feels All Right”

If we could intro this piece along with some music, nothing would fit better than a little of Bob Marley & The Wallers’ “One Love/People Get Ready” … “One love! One heart! Let’s get together and feel all right…Sayin’ let’s get together and feel all right.” You know the one.

With the launch of the Marley Natural lifestyle brand, touted as “the official Bob Marley cannabis brand,” it’s not surprising the business will include four different strains of cannabis flower (as dispensed according to CA law, only, of course), but more for our purposes here, also a line of THC-free personal care products to help you get your body and skin feelin’ all right. We recommend the following to get your started:

Bob Marley Hemp Seed Soap
Hemp Seed Soap — With essential moisturizers and indigenous Jamaican plant extracts, you’ll replenish your skin and energize your senses. With one wash, your skin will feel smooth, revitalized and richly hydrated. The body bar is specially formulated with nourishing safflower, olive oil, coconut oil and hemp seed oils that are balanced with eucalyptus, all acting as natural agents to renew your well-being so you can look as good as you feel, all day, every day. All right!

Bob Marley Hemp Seed Body Wash
Hemp Seed Body Wash — Indulge your skin while you energize your body with this revitalizing cleanser. The creamy lather blends hemp seed oil and aromatic Jamaican botanicals, moisturizing coconut oil, and light scents of eucalyptus and ginger. It’s particularly refreshing and helps promote moisture balance, leaving skin feeling and looking healthy, moisturized and radiant. When you restore and refresh, you’ll feel more alive.

Bob Marley Hemp Seed Body Salve
Hemp Seed Body Salve — An excellent balm for day-to-day exposure to the elements, keep your skin feeling naturally restored and undoubtedly exuberant. This super rich emollient melts into your skin, providing extreme nourishment and moisture. Infused with hemp seed and coconut oils, ginger, and Cerasse leaf extracts, all balanced with hints of rosemary and peppermint, skin will feel cool and revitalized. Embrace the elements fully, and get in tune with your natural well-being.

There’s also an essential oil blend, a hemp seed lip balm and other items you might like, all of which are paraben, sulfate and cruelty-free. The line is available now at Whole Foods or the Marley Natural online shop ( and distribution is expected to widen by mid-year.

Feel free to wake up your senses and get a little Jamaican vibe. Sing a little reggae in the shower while you treat your skin to some Marley Natural body products. You should be feelin’ all right in no time.

  • Bob Marley Hemp Seed Body Lotion
    Bob Marley Hemp Seed Body Lotion
  • Bob Marley Hemp Seed Lip Balm
    Bob Marley Hemp Seed Lip Balm
  • Bob Marley Hemp Seed Soap
    Bob Marley Hemp Seed Soap
  • Bob Marley Hemp Seed Body Wash
    Bob Marley Hemp Seed Body Wash
  • Bob Marley Hemp Seed Body Salve
    Bob Marley Hemp Seed Body Salve
  • Bob Marley Natural Shop
    Bob Marley Natural Shop

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