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October 1, 2019 sponsored post

6 Unexpected Uses for a Dremel Tool

You’ve heard of a Dremel tool but do you really know what it does? The answer is, pretty much anything you want. If you have a Dremel tool, some time and a little bit of imagination, you can solve household problems or fill your holiday giving list with thoughtful and beautiful gifts.

Replace or Repair Tile Grout

Nothing can bring the look of tile down like dirty, stained or chipped grout. Take the Dremel to the old grout and get it out quickly. Fill in with fresh mortar and it will look like a new room.

Personalize Wine Glasses

Who doesn’t love a great wine glass? Make it special with personalization like names or initials, or inscribe the date of a special event for friends or family. Having a party? Buy some inexpensive wine glasses and etch each guest’s name on one. Everyone will know their glass and they can take them home at the end of the party.

Carve Pumpkins

Don’t have the same old boring jack-o-lantern that everyone else has. Find a ghoulish pattern or funny face and make yours the hit of the block by etching out the pattern. Don’t forget to sign your name.

Create a Mosaic

Wondering what to do with old CDs? Break them up, polish the edges with your Dremel tool and glue in a frame for sparkling mosaic art. Update the look of an old table by making a shimmery CD mosaic top. Finally, dress up the look of a boring mirror frame with a mirrored mosaic look.

Sea Glass Jewelry

Anyone who has been to the beach has collected some sea glass. Why not show it off? Use your Dremel to drill small holes in the glass to make a bracelet or necklace.

LED signs/place settings

For a really special touch to your dinner party, try making some etched acrylic LED place settings. They will also make great party favors for weddings or kids’ birthday parties.


If you have some scrap metal laying around, try upcycling it to make wind chimes. Cut out the shapes, imprint a pattern, drill a hole and string them up on your frame.

Personalized cheese boards

Everyone needs a cheeseboard when they have a get-together. Take yours from plain to fancy by carving your name in it. If you want to take it up a notch, put the names of your favorite cheeses on it so your guests know what they are eating.

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