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September 2, 2010 advice

4 Chick Blogs Guys Should Check Out


All clichés and stereotypes aside, women’s blogs, having to do with fashion, beauty, lifestyle and gossip can actually be an eye-opener for guys like you. Think about it, it’s the inside scoop for where women are getting their advice from. And yes, most women’s websites are all about the information, not just the pictures! So what can you learn from checking out a these blogs? What about why she wears those crazy-ass, fashion-forward harem pant things? Or how to decorate your home? Or… You get the point. Here are the 3 chick blogs, you can learn from:

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1. The Man Repeller

There’s just some fashion that men don’t understand. Onesie jumpers. Futuristic wedge boots. The Man Repeller, 21 year old blogger Leandra Medine, likes to poke fun at women’s bizarre fashion choices. Hilarity ensues.



2. Karla’s Closet

Need to know what gift to get your girl? Karla, from Karlas Closet is a pretty girl who does what most fashion bloggers do… take pictures of themselves in a bunch of outfits that other girls find inspiring and puts it on the web.  Let her be your guide for what real girls like.



3. PopSugar

Need a crash course on what pop culture stuff chicks are talking about? Go here. Of all the celebrity websites out there, Popsugar has the most traffic in the female demo from teens to 30’s.



4. Glamour

Does your girl live for fashion, live for beauty and most of all, live for Glamour? Chances are she reads Glamour. From beauty, fashion and health to politics, the dos from the don’ts, Hollywood and relationships, Glamour translates style and trends for women.



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