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Movember Beard Gan

November 8, 2016 Grooming

Movember Is Here! Get Your Moustache Ready.

photo credit: Instagram

By Nicole Dimacale

Break out the combs and styling products, Movember is here! For those of you who are in the dark, it’s a fairly straightforward concept. It’s similar to Race For The Cure, where people donate and sponsor people/groups to walk/run in support of breast cancer research. Except with Movember, people can simply donate to the Movember Foundation or sponsor people/teams who are growing out their moustaches for the entire month of November. That’s right, shaving is off the table and everyone lets their facial hair fly free in all its glory! Styling and playing around with fun with moustache looks keep this annual event enjoyable and inviting.

Movember Beard Gang 2
photo credit: Instagram

So where do all of these donations and financial sponsorships go? Towards an extremely crucial but often underrated issue: men’s health. Specifically, tackling the health crisis of why so many men are dying exceedingly prematurely. The Movember Foundation tackles a multitude of men’s health issues on a global scale, all year round. They focus most prominently on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health, and suicide prevention. With the proceeds from Movember, they are able to work independently, outside of the harsh confines of government funding, and take ground-breaking strides in research. So far, they have funded more than 1,200 men’s health projects worldwide and aim to achieve a 25% decrease in the number of premature male deaths by 2030.

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In order to make the best of growing out that Movember ‘stache, proper preparation is key. A well-maintained canvas will help wonders, so start with clean and healthy skin. Use pre-shaving oil and shaving foam for the most comfortable experience. It is also important to make sure your shaving tools are in tip-top shape. Lastly, get creative with shaving and styling, and make your moustache unique to you. Still not sure how exactly to go about all of this? Well we have you covered! Every Monday during the month of November, we will be highlighting a grooming product or brand to help you get your Movember motivation in high gear!

For more information and to sign up for Movember, please visit Movember Foundation’s website at https://us.movember.com.


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