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Far North Roknar Whiskey Spirits

April 17, 2016 Food + Drink

Far North Spirits’ Roknar Whiskey Worth The Hunt

There’s a new rye whiskey from Minnesota getting some attention and going fast, thanks to the limited release of just 260 cases. Roknar (meaning warrior in Scandinavian), is from whiskey maker Far North Spirits. It’s made from non-GMO AC hazel winter rye and Minnesota 13 heirloom corn, with a bit of malted barley thrown in, too. Hinted at by the unique and beautiful, high-end bottle it comes in, this whiskey is bold and rich.

Far North Roknar Whiskey Spirits

Roknar Whiskey marries aromas of brown sugar and cinnamon with vanilla bean, roasted almonds, and freshly sawn oak. 95 proof and aged one year in a 10-gallon charred oak barrels, this whiskey offers a nice complexity — thanks to the cognac and sherry.

It’s a “field to glass” operation, so if you can still hunt down a bottle online this year, we think it’s well worth the $45-$50 a bottle. We encourage you to try it out and put it on your list for next year’s must-haves.

To learn more about Far North Spirits take the jump over to FarNorthSpirits.com.


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