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October 8, 2013 Grooming, offbeat

Beard Buddy Beard Wash

Beard Buddy Beard Wash

Do you have a special shampoo for your beard? If not, you may want to think about getting some and we think we have just the wash. We came across this stuff called Beard Wash by a company called Beard Buddy and it seems to be legit. They claim to be beard tested and packed with organic ingredients as well as essential oils tailored to cleanse your beard. More importantly, this stuff is supposed to keep your bread soft and smelling dreamy. Everyman needs a beard wash that has them smelling dreamy for the ladies, right? Beard Buddy is a super top secret essential oil blend that is vegan, sulfate-free, and handcrafted in Los Angeles were stars are made. Available via Beard Buddy. RETAIL $24.

Unplugged via Uncrate.


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