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Apple Fanboys Crazier Than Sneakerheads

March 25, 2015 offbeat

Are Apple Fanboys Crazier Than Sneakerheads?

Apple Fanboys Crazier Than Sneakerheads

An interesting article on Business Insider posed the idea of Nike sneakerheads putting Apple fanboys to shame. Would you agree?

Our very own Tam-Star literally converted from her beloved Blackberry and crossed over to dark side a few months ago, so we may be biased; however, since we do write about sneakers often, we don’t understand how their is any comparison. Apple makes great products and Apple Fanboys may be fanatical, but guys (and some girls) who collect Sneakerheads are super serious. Don’t believe us, Google “Sneakerhead.” As the article states, “Sneakerheads are rabid collectors and aficionados of rare, limited and exclusive sneakers.” Not sure you can make the same comments about Apple fanboys. There isn’t much in terms of exclusive, limited edition or even rare apple products.


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