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April 10, 2018 Advice

5 Manly Tips To Upgrade Your Home Office Space

Productivity while working from home can be very difficult. Perhaps your wife is a stay-at-home mom or you have a dog that needs tender loving care throughout the day. Whatever the reason behind your lack of concentration, you’ll find that making a few simple switches can actually save you time, money, and increase your effectiveness while working from home. If you are in need of a few tips on how to best upgrade your home office space with the biggest bang for your buck, keep reading.

Declutter Your Desk

A cluttered desk won’t help your cause. In fact, all it will do is create an endless amount of distractions. Declutter your office and get rid of everything you don’t need including old magazines, pens that have run dry, stacks of old documents, and so forth. If you need extra desk space, consider mounting some hooks to the wall and hanging your hardware or small gadgets instead.

Add Storage Space

If your desk doesn’t already have drawers think about adding some external shelves. While a little desk chaos is appropriate, stash those old documents in a drawer versus your desktop. Consider hanging a shelf instead of allowing miscellaneous things to occupy more of your working area. When in doubt or if you need a little inspiration, take the jump and check out some Ikea furniture.

Prioritize Comfort

Contrary to popular belief, sitting in a chair all day can actually get really uncomfortable. Fidgeting and readjusting all day won’t help you get your work done. Instead of experiencing constant lower back pain, invest in a comfortable chair and or consider a seat cushion which offers lumbar support. You might also want to think about investing in a standing desk for your home office.

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Embrace Innovation

Is your technology slowing you down? Tired of seeing that never-ending pinwheel each time anything loads? It might be time for a technological upgrade. Ditch your dinosaur of a computer and find business computers for sale that boast the processing speed you need to efficiently get work done. If you interact with clients, consider adding tablets to your arsenal of tools. In might seem expensive upfront, but you’ll be glad you made the switch once you see how much more you can accomplish using the latest innovations.

Add a Little Oxygen

You need to be able to breathe in your office versus feeling as though you’re suffocating within a cubicle. Plants are fantastic, and scientifically proven to increase happiness in the work environment. You can always opt for a piece of petrified wood or gnarled driftwood if plants aren’t your thing, but you’d be surprised to see the effect naturalizing your office could have.

If being in your office feels like work itself, it’s time to start implementing these upgrades as soon as possible! Anything that can help make your space more open and inviting will make you feel less trapped in your space.


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