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October 26, 2013 sports

Smartest Players In The NFL [Infographic]

Brains and brawn in the NFL? Yes, it’s possible. This past NFL offseason there was an unbelievable trend of players getting arrested for all sorts of stuff from DUI’s, assault/battery, public intoxication, and drug charges. So much stupidness happened that we were left to wonder exactly how dumb can NFL players be. Well, contrary to believe, there are actually some pretty smart players in the NFL including Ryan Fitzpatrick who graduated from Harvard. Ryan majored in economics and was selected the MVP of the Ivy League in 2004. His SAT score of 1580 was nearly flawless. Ranked in the top 5 smartest players to play in the NFL, Ryan is just one of many players that provides proof that intelligence plays a profound role in the success of every individual on an NFL team. He confirms that not all NFL players are just dumb jocks.

Are you curious to know who the smartest team in the NFL was in 2012 and some other “smart” stats? Take the jump and check out the cool infographic below. You will definitely be surprised to learn that the New England Patriots aren’t the smartest team, but of course they are in the top 5.

Smartest Players Nfl Main


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