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December 31, 2015 Guy Stuff

Arcade-Inspired Future Could Be The Face Of Gaming

What guy doesn’t like to gamble just a bit? Unless you are a seasoned pro who frequently visits places like Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Monaco, or Macau, you may find yourself a bit overwhelmed staring at the new school one-armed bandits (slot machines). The world of casinos has changed dramatically over the years due to the birth of the internet, but the growth in betting online hasn’t helped traditional casinos. Luckily, there have been advancements made in casino games that have been developed in the hope of attracting a new generation of players. From Call of Duty-inspired shoot ’em up games to Guitar Hero-influenced controllers, touch and grab screen poker and virtual scratch cards, these latest ‘arcade’ games could now prove instrumental to traditional casinos enjoying something of resurgence.

While there might be more people betting on a regular basis than ever before, they aren’t doing it in traditional casinos. The birth of online casinos has allowed people to now play their favorite games from wherever they are rather than have to physically visit an establishment. Being able to access the internet and play games like poker or roulette games online has helped significantly increase the number of people enjoying online casinos.

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It hasn’t just been accessibility that has been behind the growing popularity of online casinos. The selection in games available and the presence of regular bonuses as well as special offers from the majority of websites are other key reasons for online casinos currently trumping their traditional counterparts. While the classic casino games or casino’s like Old Havana Casino will never go out of fashion, the different versions of these games and the amount of video slots offered online means players have a bigger selection than ever.

Simpsons Slot Machine
photo credit: Vegas.Buzz

Nowadays, casino games require either a little or a lot of skill opposed to the random number-generated odds of traditional games. Newer games like ‘Space Invaders’ as well as spinning reels or scratching a virtual lottery ticket in the new ‘The Simpsons’ slot have given gaming a more arcade-inspired future making it more appealing for would-be gamblers to join in the fun. These innovative arcade-style casino games have pushed the boundaries of gaming adding a new dimension to the industry. One of the most popular games at the last Global Gaming Expo was G2 Game Design’s version of ‘Guitar Hero’ that allows players to bet on whether they can hit the right notes with the guitar-shaped controller – similar to the popular video game. New shooting games and exciting racing games that will fair very well with fans of franchises such as Call of Duty and Gran Turismo have also hit the market.

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While there might be some way to go before many of these games are ready to be rolled out in casinos across the world, seeing a glimpse of what could be is already changing gaming. The excitement of betting in a casino is unique, but add to that the thrill of playing an arcade like, shoot ’em up or racing game and you have yourself a winning combination.


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