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February 22, 2016 Food + Drink

The Beer & Food Companion

Do we have to say much more to get your attention with this one? Even for non-readers, this book has an almost automatic appeal. We found multiple 5-star reviews for The Beer & Food Companion by author Stephen Beaumont, and why not…it’s beer and food, the two staples of many a man’s life (or at least you wish that was true, eh?).

This takes it beyond a light beer with a hotdog. It’s a reference for pairing beer to many foods, a bit of a wine sommelier without the stuffiness…a beer sommelier that’ll educate you about the history of beer and food matching, how to recognize the flavorful characteristics of different types of beer, plus some recipes that will show you how to take it to delicious new levels in the kitchen. With chapters dedicated to the cooking with beer, beer cuisine and recipes, beer and food pairing charts, and 100 great beer & food destinations, you will quickly discover why beer is not the poor mans alternative to wine.

Beer Food Companion

Whether you prefer an IPA, an ale, a lager or a stout…you may already have your favorites taste-wise, but a little deeper understanding might expand your happy hour options or impress the guys next time you’re playing poker at your house, when you serve up the beverages and grub with some flavorful insights. Accomplished chefs, beer experts, and beer sommeliers from around the world zone in on some exciting information in this book. We highly recommend you pick up a copy along with that next six-pack.


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