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Beartooth Technology Wifi Device

March 2, 2016 Gadgets, Guy Stuff

Beartooth — When Bluetooth Just Won’t Do

Does a Beartooth text in the woods when there’s no cell service there to support it? Of course, it does.

How many times have you wished you could communicate off the grid even when your phone service isn’t available? We’ve found an answer for you that we’re loving. Beartooth is an exciting and ultra-convenient device that’ll keep you in contact when you’re out-of-contact, as far as everyone else is concerned. It will pair with your phone to talk, text and see maps, so you gain peace of mind that you aren’t really all alone out there.

Beartooth Technology Wifi

It’s a small device that works with your existing smartphone to communicate with other Beartooth users within range when cellular service isn’t working, like when you’re hiking, or skiing, or say, at an NFL game or concert where the networks are too congested for you to get through. And yes, we hesitated too at the “within range” revelation, but not to worry, on average that’s up to 2 miles, so if you’re skiing or snowboarding on a outlying slope, your less ambitious friends down below can still reach you as long as you’ve all got your Beartooth devices on you.

Beartooth Technology Wifi 2

Beartooth technology works independently of cell service and wi-fi, and its messages are private, thanks to their asymmetric encryption. The device itself, which you simply zip in your pocket or tuck in your gear is about the size of a deck of cards and weights less than 5 ounces. It works with iPhone 5/s/c, 6/s/Plus and Android phones running 5.0 or above.

It won’t ship until later this year, but to find out more and preorder now at a special price, visit for specifics. There are no contracts or monthly fees, so once you buy your device, you’re good to go, just keep it charged and on you and your fellow “Beartoothers.”

Beartooth says, “Because life doesn’t stop where the network ends.” The more we thought about that, it became a surprisingly meaningful statement when you consider all the possibilities it offers, so we couldn’t wait to let you know about it!


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