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December 15, 2011 interviews

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Rodney Atkins Warrick Dunn Crown Royal Heroes Project

Tam-Star: Let’s talk about the “Crown Royal Heroes Project” that you recently became involved with. How did that come about?

Warrick: I think there’s so much synergy between Crown Royal and myself because of whom they’re recognizing, what they stand for, and what they mean. I’ve had a great opportunity to partner up with Crown Royal to talk about the Crown Royal Heroes Project program they have honoring military personnel, firefighters, police officers, community heroes…recognizing those guys and saying thank you. To get people involved, people are coming out to Cowboys Stadium to watch a free concert with country music star Rodney Atkins…to come out and be a part of that, stuff bags, and send stuff to troops overseas saying hey, thank you for sacrificing your life and your time to be away from your families.

We just want people to come out and help stuff purple Crown Royal bags with snacks and treats for troops to send overseas. Crown Royal is going to donate $10 for every Crown Royal bag Crown Royal Heroes Projectthat is stuffed to the Texas Wildlife Relief Fund in Texas. I think it’s a great opportunity for people to come out and not just support what I do; I’m thankful for that support, but definitely support Crown Royal for what they’re trying to do which is recognize American heroes.

Tam-Star: What inspired you to write the book Running for My Life and why would you encourage people to read it?

Warrick: I thought that particular time was the best time in my life to write the book. I thought it was time to share my story and let people know that even though you have adversity in your life you can overcome it if you stay faithful, if you stay believing and you stay on course. I think the book is great for young men. I think it’s great for all people, but definitely young men. I’m the oldest of six and when you’re the head of the household there’s so much responsibility. Many times we get sidetracked instead of staying on course.

I think it’s a really good book that shows you can be a man and be vulnerable at the same time, and there’s nothing wrong with that. We all have a soft side to us. It’s one of those books that I think is fitting for today’s young men…all the struggles that we have just being men in this country, providing for our families and knowing you can go through things and overcome it.

It’s a book that I’m proud of. The first chapter is where I go and sit down with the guy who shot and killed my mom, at Angola prison in Louisiana. The first chapter really captures all the emotion and tension. The rest of the book really just talks about the struggles and sacrifices that I’ve had, the ups and downs throughout my career. When you’re trying to be the head of the household, you’re the oldest of six, playing pro football, also navigating your own life, the struggles in relationships and so forth, I think it’s very compelling to share that.



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